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Our services include:

  • Tripolymer Foam—in—place to insulation older homes or retro-fit homes
  • For Masonry, foam can be put in hollow blocks
  • Closed Cell foam for new residential and commercial buildings
  • Closed Cell foam for metal buildings
  • Conklin Roofing Systems/ shingles/ metal and foam roofing


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Insulation, Delta, CO

My name is Eric Reed and I am the owner and operator of AeroFoam of Colorado. We specialize in roofing-repair/replace and spray foam insulation.

The use of closed cell foam provides the highest insulation value on the market. When used in conjunction with Conklin roofing materials, it will give you a 100% leak and worry free roof.We also coat and repair shingled or metal roofs without removing the existing roof.If you are tired of your shingles blowing off or a troublesome leaky roof, give us a call for a free estimate.

Our closed cell foam provides the highest insulation value on the market, with a vapor/moisture barrier, increased structural integrity and a truly airtight membrane.

Spray foam is the healthiest insulation on the market as it does not let off gas or release potentially harmful fumes or fibers. Foam insulation is also mold and mildew resistant, foam products will never settle or need additional insulation added.

No other insulation product on the market can provide all of the benefits that spray foam can provide in one package.

The injectable foam that we use is also available for pre-existing homes. This allows us to improve your insulation value by injecting a pre-expanded foam into the walls.

Closed cell foam is roughly 7 R-value per inch while open cell is 3.5.

Injectable foam has an 5 R-value per inch.

Affiliation :

Affiliation : Western Colorado Contractors Association

What Our Customers Are Saying...

“The guys were great and efficient. ”
- JS, Grand Junction, CO
“A very good company. They showed up when they said they would. Did a great job, where real easy to deal with. They where very helpful with all my questions. Cleaned up there work. I'm very happy with the job. ”
- DR, Grand Junction, CO
“Eric was very prompt in contacting me and giving me an estimate. He also was knowledgeable about energy credits and how to go about obtaining them. I'm very satisfied with the job. ”
- GH, Eckert, CO

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